Eating Disorders

Our special team of registered dietitians has devoted their careers to working with adolescents, adults and families struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, exercise addiction, negative body image, emotional and compulsive eating, and food and weight preoccupation. Our nutritionists understand that relationships with food are complicated and often times emotionally driven. We truly consider each client globally and work collaboratively with their entire treatment team (including therapists, psychiatrists and internists) in order to set manageable goals and enhance their care. We offer a variety of treatment services for adolescents, adults and families struggling with any eating disorder diagnosis.

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Weight Management

It often seems more the rule than the exception for people to struggle with weight as well as negative feelings about body size and shape. Eating to manage a healthy, stable set-point weight can be confusing, especially after adhering to gimmicky or deprivation driven diets that result in cycles of weight loss and regain. To add to this confusion, there exists a new diet book or article for practically each and every day of the year, making it nearly impossible for even the savviest person to know where to turn and what to believe about how to achieve and maintain a comfortable weight long term. The simple truth, however, is that DIETING DOES NOT WORK! The only lasting solution to successful weight loss and maintenance is to establish a relationship with food that is non-punishing and inclusive of all foods in moderation. Our clinicians have helped countless clients achieve and maintain their weight goals using a non-diet approach to help them become confident, mindful and intuitive eaters and to no longer feel controlled by food and weight.  

Sports Nutrition

Athletic training can put a great deal of stress on the body and proper nutrition plays a critical role in maximizing the training, recovery and performance of any athlete. The composition and timing of an athlete’s intake as well as their hydration status can ensure that they are able to meet the demands of their training and competition schedules. We create customized meal and hydration plans for athletes (from professional tri-athletes to principal ballerinas) whose focus is to enhance each phase of their training as well as support all of their fitness goals. We also develop race or performance day nutrition plans to help improve performance out on the course or stage. From weekend warriors to elite level athletes, we enjoy partnering with each client to help them achieve and reach beyond their fitness and endurance goals.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Nutrition

The desire to begin or grow your family can be all consuming. As such, increasing the likelihood of conception and preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy become paramount. We work to understand your full gynecologic and obstetric history and cater a nutrition plan to help you meet your specific goals. Some areas of focus may include incorporating certain dietary shifts to enhance conception, meeting your increased nutrient needs during pregnancy, managing a responsible weight gain trajectory and trouble shooting any hurdles that might arise such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. We also support you after the birth of your healthy baby and serve as your guides for appropriate and adequate nourishment for you and your newborn.

Pediatric Nutrition: Feeding Our Children

As children begin to explore food on their own in their toddler years, their choices and behaviors can often be frustrating and puzzling for parents. We offer individual counseling as well as group workshops for parents in which we explore myriad topics related to the nourishment of our children, including how to handle picky eaters, how to manage food allergies, how to mediate meal time behaviors and more. We provide education about concrete nutrition needs, offer recommendations for how to achieve a balanced diet for our little ones, as well as provide support to parents during this very emotional nourishment process. Referrals for feeding therapists and other specialists are also available through our office should the need arise.

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