Nutrition Counseling Services

Individual Nutrition Counseling

We begin our work together with a comprehensive 90-minute initial consultation and evaluation during which our primary goal is to form a trusting alliance with you. We take great care to develop a thorough understanding of who you are by obtaining a detailed history of your diet, weight and exercise patterns as well as an understanding of your current eating habits, food preferences and rituals, medical status, schedule, and general thoughts and feelings about food and eating.

Working as a team, we set achievable short and long-term goals. At each subsequent follow up session (the frequency of which is determined in the initial evaluation) we continue to support you so that you may meet your goals healthfully. We acknowledge that working toward these goals is a process that may at times feel challenging. We are patient, supportive and highly motivating as we empower each of our clients to continue along the path to reach and maintain their goals, providing invaluable feedback along the way.

Group Counseling For Eating Disorders

For our eating disordered clients, participation in a nutrition group and/or a supported meal alongside regular individual counseling sessions greatly enhances progress in meeting individual goals. Group members benefit from the experience of having their struggles and fears normalized with an understanding that they are not alone in the challenges that they face with food, weight and body issues. Clients also have the opportunity in a group setting to learn vicariously through their peers and to use peers’ experiences to assist in their own independent growth. Additionally, group members benefit from the constructive feedback they are able to both give and receive in a group context. Our clients report feeling challenged, motivated and empowered at the completion of their groups. Please call us anytime to discuss which treatment groups might be most effective for you.

Dining Out Group

Dining out is central to socializing with friends, family and colleagues. Meals in restaurants or at catered events offer the opportunity to try new foods and food preparations, enjoy more creative food presentations, as well as offer a respite from the planning and coordination of home cooking. Unfortunately, men and women with eating disorders typically experience dining out as stressful and anxiety provoking as they focus on the lack of control they feel about not having exact information about what foods may be offered, the amounts in which foods are presented and the ingredients and cooking methods used for food preparation. Quite often, there also exists the misconception that eating meals not scrupulously prepared will ultimately lead to weight gain. Unfortunately these reservations may lead to rigid and routine food choices (and thereby a less varied and less nutritious diet) and/or isolation from social engagements. Crucial to eating disorder recovery is the development of an increased comfort level in social eating situations as well as a sense of confidence in choosing adequate and appropriate dishes that are filling, satisfying and nourishing. In our dining out meal groups, our Registered Dietitian leads a small group of participants in a thoughtful, comfortable dinner meal and meal processing experience in a restaurant setting (venue changes weekly) while addressing the aforementioned goals.

Food and Relationships Group

Participants examine the ways in which past and present relationships impact their current food behaviors and choices. Group members learn to identify their body’s physical and emotional response to relationships in their lives and form goals to cease using food to regulate these responses. By sharing their experiences with other members and recognizing how relationships are connected with eating disorders, participants develop a set of skills to help them extinguish eating disordered behaviors.

Nutrition Education Group

A variety of over 60 nutrition, food, weight, exercise, health and wellness topics are discussed to educate clients and address fears, struggles, and/or challenges that may be interfering with their self care.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Group

This group is specifically designed for men and women who struggle with any type of binge eating, compulsive eating, impulsive eating, or emotional eating. Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral strategies are discussed and implemented.



Meal Exposure Therapy and Meal Support Therapy

Direct exposure to healthy, varied, nutrient dense meals is essential to eating disorder recovery. Led by one of our experienced Registered Dietitians, clients are guided in either a group setting or individually through a tasteful, healthy meal that is also balanced and calorically adequate and appropriate. Experiences with the actual meal as well as the meal environment are thoroughly processed. Clients learn to recognize triggers for destructive eating choices, tolerate difficult feelings that arise during the meal and challenge negative or mythical thoughts/beliefs that perpetuate eating disordered behaviors. Recommendations are made to further clients' progress and goals are set in conjunction with the entire treatment team to enhance each client's care.

Group meal support is offered in our dining room or in various New York City restaurants. Individual meal support may be coordinated as often as is needed on any day of the week, any time of day as well as on the weekends. Individual meal support may be arranged in a variety of environments including our dining room, local restaurants, in the home or in the school, as indicated.

Family Based Nutrition Therapy

Our experienced registered dietitians work "behind the scenes" with the parents and care givers of young children and early adolescents to dramatically improve the food environment at home when eating disordered behaviors are present. Helping parents and caregivers instill their sense of confidence in feeding their children, establishing guidelines for meal times including menu planning and helping to decrease the overall anxiety and pressures associated with meal times is a focus of the work. Family based nutriton therapy is especially indicated for early onset Anorexia Nervosa or ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). Our clinicians can also advise and support parents whose children may require meal exposure therapy secondary to sensory issues negatively impacting dietary intake.

Parent Workshops: Feeding Our Children

Feeding our children is one of the most emotional processes we encounter as parents - especially if you have a finicky eater, a child with special food needs or specific oral sensory issues, or a child that is either having difficulty gaining weight or perhaps gaining too much weight. It’s never easy! Several of our registered dietitians have pediatric sub-specialties in addition to being parents themselves, and they work with parents in a non-judgmental and caring way to help moms and dads manage the challenges that arise during the nourishment process. We provide ongoing nutrition workshops in schools, Synagogues, private parent groups and our offices dedicated to supporting the parents and children in our communities.

Customized Meal Planning and Personal Chef Services

It is sometimes the case that despite the accumulation of significant knowledge about healthy, balanced eating, it remains difficult to put that knowledge into consistent practice. We help bridge that gap for our clients and we take great care to customize each client’s meal plan so that it accounts for their individual needs as well as their unique schedule and lifestyle.  If you find you need an extra hand to assist with both food procurement and preparation, we can have our personal chef (also a registered dietitian) shop and prepare wholesome and balanced meals for you and/or your family (in line with your customized meal plan) all while helping you move towards your goals.

Supermarket Tours

The grocery store can be an overwhelming place. We welcome you to join us on a guided tour (organized individually or as part of a group) of the supermarket where we will help you navigate the isles, create and prioritize your grocery list, demystify food labels and ultimately stock your pantries and kitchens with a healthy and flavorful variety of foods to feed yourselves and your families appropriately. Recipe development and nutrient analyses may also be useful adjuncts to the supermarket tours and can be arranged on an individual basis with one of our registered dietitians.

Physical Fitness and Wellness Group

This exercise and fitness class was developed for the client who may not feel entirely comfortable exercising in a typical “gym” or in any other type of competitive setting. We use a private, serene studio exclusively for our needs. Along with a certified personal trainer we teach our clients how to responsibly and effectively build strength, endurance and flexibility in a non-judgmental, supported environment. Exercises are designed with the goal of helping to build lean body mass which is especially important for metabolic and bone health. A critical part of this group includes education and provision of proper fuel and hydration before, during, and after the workout. Clients refuel after the workout with a group meal emphasizing recovery nutrition which is essential for muscle repair and re-growth as well as consistent energy.

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